Saturday, June 28, 2014

3 February 2014

I had a fantastic interview with President this week. We talked about the remainder of my mission. He brought up the fact that I have sent him several emails regarding the reasons why I am sent to certain places and why I am in specific capacities. He told me about how he receives revelation for missionary transfers. He told me that his biggest expectation and hope for me is not to be a big leader, or to train a new missionary, but rather to find, teach, and baptize. He also told me that District Leaders are very unappreciated. He gave me a hug and told me he's been very proud of the work I've been doing, and that I am definitely more than qualified to be a Zone Leader or a Trainer, but that he just needs me where I am right now. It was a very spiritually uplifting conversation, and I walked out feeling more certain that the Lord's plan for me is the best one.

Then followed Chinese New Year. Our Ward really pitched in and fed the missionaries every lunch and dinner for the entire duration of the holiday. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner, twice a day, for a week. I gained 10 pounds in the first two days. I got food poisoning on the third day and spent the next 24 hours on the floor of the bathroom just wanting to puke. I don't really enjoy eating anymore, which I thought I'd never say.

Remember Tyler from my first area (He called me his "little brother")? I saw him on Sunday. He's changed a lot. He's an active member, and is in the process of submitting his missionary application. I am so very proud of him.

I got a fantastic email from one of my friends today. She talked about trials and loss, and how the gospel helps us overcome such obstacles. It made me think about my own mission, and about my family. I've personally lost a few great-grandparents during my lifetime, but I'm sad to say that I never was very connected with them, so I never really felt much of the pain of their leaving. I have spent time, however, thinking about how I would feel if someone close to me passed away. It's hard to comprehend. However, I count myself lucky to have the buffer the gospel provides. It is a blessing to know that through the power of Christ's Atonement, family relationships can endure beyond the grave. When loved ones leave us, of course it is sad, but with the knowledge of the gospel it does not have to be tragic. There is still hope. We can look forward to a time when we will be reunited with them, free from all cares and sorrow.

I think of trials in the same way. When they happen, it's sad, frustrating, and can even be overwhelming. But Christ's Atonement even covers the stresses of everyday life. When Christ suffered for you, He felt the stress you had when you lost your job. When He suffered for you, He felt the fear you had when you accidentally overcharged your debit card. When He suffered for you, He felt the stinging pain you had when you scraped your knee on the road. Believe me when I say that He gets it. He 100% understands what each and every one of us is going through. And the best thing is, we can rely on Him to help us get past the pain and fears we have. The opposition does not have to last. When we follow Christ, we have hope for a better life in the end, living as a resurrected, immortal being in the presence of our Heavenly Father, free from all cares and sorrow. All our loses will be made up through Christ.

The gospel is true, and I love you. Have a wonderful week, and a happy year of the horse!

-Elder Jorgensen


“Huludun park in Fengyuan.”


“I won the lottery! Woot! 200NTD is the prize. The numbers are on all receipts for any purchase.”

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