Saturday, May 24, 2014

9 December 2013

I've moved! I went from the farthest south area in the mission, Hengchun, to the northernmost area, Fengyuan. And my companion rocks! Elder Claflin was just trained by Elder Fronk, a missionary I was with in the MTC. Funnily, Elder Fronk told Elder Claflin two weeks ago that he had a feeling that he would "be companions with Elder Jorgensen." Elder Averett was beside himself, saying that we were exactly alike. He and I have actually hit it off extremely well! I'm very excited.

My last week in Hengchun was fun. We spent one day contacting people in Kending when we saw 37 Ferrari's. Elder Hellberg called us telling us he was the new Assistant to the President. The Relief Society President's daughter told her father she wanted to serve a mission. Sister Huang gave us a lot of food at her restaurant. We watched Elder Buckwalter pass down a tie to his trainee Elder Teerlink, which had been passed down for 5 generations of missionaries. It's sad to leave these people. I love this area, and I will miss them a lot.

My new assignment is a little scary. I grimace to myself when I think about how much I wanted a leadership assignment in the past, and how now I am afraid of being a district leader in a group of five companionships. This was the assignment I dreamed of before, and now I just feel inadequate. But thankfully I have an awesome companion and great Zone Leaders to guide and support me in my responsibilities. This will be a blast!

Hope you have a wonderful week,

-Elder Jorgensen

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