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23 December 2013

Christmas is upon us! Woohoo!

We kicked off this week by playing some songs at a recording studio. Elder Claflin is a pro musician (He was in a band called Box Trained Cats, look for their studio recording of "Astronauts and Firefighters" on YouTube), and we had a lot of fun goofing around on instruments. We made some friends there, and they might film us today with their sweet video equipment. Super fun!

Later we had the missionary Christmas conference. We traveled to Sun Moon Lake, caught up with old friends, and got some good pictures. I was happy to see all my MTC buddies; they're all doing really well. Sister Chord and Sister Newman are going home in a few weeks, so crazy! Really cliché, but time does fly so fast! We ended the conference with President Blickenstaff dissecting the teachings of Isaiah for us. Usually, I'm lulled to sleep whenever I start to read out of that section of the Bible, but President made it very interesting. I was impressed with his historical knowledge. He really made the scriptures come to life, and I could understand them so much better! It inspired me to be a scholar of the scriptures, and I plan to study more in depth the history of the Bible.

We also ended the week with a musical performance at our Ward Christmas party. It was wonderful to be able to serve others through our talents. I love Christmas because it's a wonderful opportunity to be able to spread happiness and joy by helping and loving.

I also got some letters from friends back home. I loved the card I got from my Single's Ward! I especially loved hearing from my old home teaching companion, Bishop Rogers. It brought back some good memories of working together to help some of God's children. I also got a letter from a boy named Corbin, and I was touched by his kind words. I certainly feel loved, very much so!

Whenever I think of Christmas, I cannot help but think of the life that followed that humble birth in a manger. Christ wrought great miracles and brought about the salvation of mankind. He suffered for us, He died for us, and He lives again for us. Through Him, we will all live again, and we can overcome our sins and mistakes and live with God and our families forever. I love the joy and hope this gospel brings! I know Christ lives, and I know that His power is real. I know that through Him, we can have eternal life. I know that if we keep His commandments, He will bless us with happiness in this life and the life to come.

Have a merry Christmas!

-Elder Jorgensen











20131200 David with MTC companions

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