Wednesday, July 2, 2014

31 March 2014

Are you full? (Polite way of saying "hello".)

You wanna know what it's like to be a missionary out here? Check out the official video filmed in Taiwan and published on the worldwide church website! (That part with the missionaries talking to the guy in a rice patty... been there, done that.)

It's a tremendous blessing to have a doctor as your mission president. For a lot of my life I've struggled to get over acid re-flux, as it is probably something hereditary in my family. I've just lived with it and not thought much of it. However, when I talked about it a little with Sister Blickenstaff, she started freaking out and telling me I was going to get ulcers, so she talked with her husband about it. He put me on a prescription of omeprazole, and that did the trick! Only two more months on the drug, and I shouldn't have problems again for the rest of my life! Woohoo!

I've been hearing a lot about this movie that was released recently about missionaries that were kidnapped in Russia. As it turns out, my friend, Elder Teerlink, is the younger brother of one of the missionaries portrayed in the movie. Luckily he was not one of the kidnapped missionaries.

We've been seeing lots of miracles lately! I think they have been a result of increased unity with the ward. Elder Hintze and I have been visiting lots of members and extending the commitment invitations I wrote about last week, and I think all those prayers for our investigators have been helping! One family, the Xie family, has been investigating for a year, and now the mom has just recently consented to let her three sons be baptized. The whole family came to church the following Sunday. Also, Brother Huang, someone that my companion contacted his first week on island, will also most likely be baptized in the coming weeks. He's made many friends in the ward, and God has blessed him with a new job that has better hours, better pay, and has Sundays off. Also, as we've met with the members, they've told us about friends they've been prompted to share the gospel with, and are now preparing them to meet with us. Members have been showing more trust in us, which makes me feel really good about the work we are doing. We finished off the week with a stunningly high number of investigators at church: between us and the sister missionaries, we had 14 investigators attending.

Elder Hintze and I have been really trying to step up our game. It's hard to set goals that push you past your comfort zone, but I've realized that it's harder to live in denial of the fact that things need to change. It's like ignoring a pile of garbage in the corner of your room: you can ignore it and just try to operate as normal, but that pile is going to keep growing and molding until eventually it really hurts you in the end. It was relieving to set those high goals, in comparison to believing that the status quo was good enough. Something I've resolved to do is to keep planning every day out after I've gone back home. Such a good skill to have, and it really helps me be efficient with my time and accomplish exponentially more goals.

Have a good week!

-Elder Jorgensen


“Part of a panorama of a sweet rainstorm that only covered half the city.”


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