Thursday, July 3, 2014

14 April 2014

Hello world! Yet another week blows on by, and I feel like I hardly took a breath.

I now only have two transfers left. Just a mere twelve weeks. A lot of missionaries have this idea that serving a mission forever out here would be the best, and that they should not talk about going home. I've felt that denying this imminent event is kind of ridiculous... As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are missionaries for life! We never drop the mantle of missionary work. I see my eventual departure from this paradise not as an ending, but rather as another little transfer in my lifelong mission. I look forward to going home and continuing to invite those I love to come unto Christ by receiving the restored gospel, member and non-member alike.

But of course, while I am out here, I'm going to cherish every last minute of it!!!

My companion and I have had some good discussions about the work here. We have been struggling a lot with finding new investigators, and just getting out there and talking with people. We talked a little bit about feelings we were having at the time, and I was surprised to find a lot of stress. After some more introspection, I rooted it down to the idea that I have been feeling very inadequate as a missionary, especially as a missionary trainer. I guess I'm not as up to the task as I had hoped to be.

General Conference helped. There were very many talks from apostles and church leaders about enduring trial and opposition. Jeffery R. Holland talked about how the cost of discipleship is high, but how it is worth the cost. Neil L. Anderson talked about how God made our spirits strong, and that we can stay strong, even when we have to stand alone. President Thomas S. Monson warned us of the danger of living a double life, and how important it is that we always stay true to our faith. These messages helped me to gain back the vigor I needed to go out there and find people to teach. The messages were powerful, and much appreciated.

Sorry these letters get progressively shorter and shorter! Just know I love the work and I'm doing well! Have a fantastic week!

-Elder Jorgensen







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