Sunday, June 23, 2013

17 June 2013

We hit Gangshan with force this week. Elder Erekson and I were pretty bummed about our numbers lately, because it seemed that our number of progressing investigators were going down. So we decided to do something different: instead of seeking out random sit-down lessons on the side of the road, why don't we use our talents and advertise church like we advertise English class? Elder Erekson and I made a sign that said:

人生的目的是什麼? 我們可以回答!

"What is the purpose of life? We can answer!"

I brought my Ukulele, and we went to a park holding the sign and playing random chords as loud as we could. It got a lot of attention. In the short hour we were there, we contacted 41 people. 21 of those people wrote down their contact information, and 10 of them set up for lessons. SUPER amazing. And I'm progressing in my Ukulele skills very fast, which is also a great plus!

This stuff was certainly an answer to my prayers. I've been feeling pretty frustrated with my contacting lately. I just have a really hard time talking with people. I've just developed this mentality over time that I, frankly, just don't want to talk to anyone. It's a deep internal struggle just to pull up next to someone and say, "你好." And I see Elder Erekson and Elder Teng and lots of other missionaries setting up appointments like crazy, and I can't help but feel pretty worthless when it comes to finding people. I've been fretting about it for a long time, and my way of dealing with it was my usual: denial. But lately it hasn't been working anymore, and I had to face the facts and do some serious evaluation. I prayed a lot for strength to do this. And then we came up with this advertising idea... which as a result got me a lot more comfortable and excited to contact. It was fun! No, it was not a magic cure, but mixing it up and putting my effort into it really helped me put my forward and face the brick wall in front of me. It was a really good day.

I can't close this letter without a few words about my father. The world needs to know that I have the best dad in the whole world! He faithfully writes me all the time, and shares with me his vast wealth of knowledge to help me grow and excel. He tells me often that he loves me, and he is always ready and happy to help me out when I need his guidance. He always strives to be better, and shares with us all the time about his goals to help him become a better parent Everything he's done for me, he's done out of love for me. True, no father is perfect, but there has never been a time, not once, when he hurt my feelings and didn't apologize afterwards. He is a perfect example of a faithful disciple of Christ. I hope I can be half the man he is someday. I love him a lot, and I'd like to wish him a wonderful Father's day!




Elder Jorgensen

20130610 A glimps of Qiaotou from gaixiong Subway

“A glimpse of Qiaotou from the currently aboveground Gaoxiong subway system.”


“I guess Oreo's don't float. Bummer.”


“Egads! I need a haircut.”

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