Sunday, February 24, 2013

20 February 2013

Operations President, Elder Evans, were coming for a surprise visit on Monday, and that we were all to travel to Taichung to meet them at a mission conference. It turned out to be a magnificent meeting. Elder Watson said something very interesting, and all missionaries out there should take note: "The most important thing you can do on you mission is to write your parents every week!" As we do this, it will help us better understand Heavenly Father's love for us, as well as build up your family in the Spirit. Elder Evans followed him, and told us some news about what is going on at the MTC right now. By the end of this year, the number of Elders in the mission field will have doubled, and the number of Sisters will have tripled or quadrupled. Many, many missionaries are on the way. He then told us that we need to be ready to train all these new missionaries. "You need to grow up... quick!!!" We are in the midst of amazing times, and we need to rise up to the occasion and take up the mantle of responsibility that has been placed upon us. How wonderful it is to be alive at this time! We are blessed beyond measure to witness these miracles!

This week is POWER WEEK!!! The most intense week of the year. Every day we have goals we strive to hit, and the goals are pretty lofty. It really rips us out of our comfort zones. Yesterday each companionship was to give out 15 Books of Mormon, as well as swap contact information and set up a time to call them and see how their reading is going. At first, I was dreading this week, but now that I'm experiencing it, it's tremendously fun. There are miracles everywhere! Families, often so unreceptive, were accepting our invitations and setting up times to meet! Elder Dailey gave a Book of Mormon that lives in Mainland China, in an area that Sister Busath used to live. I asked a random guy to pull over, and he did! And he was totally prepared to hear our message. So far every night we've called President Bishop and had the joy of saying, "President Bishop, this is Elder Dailey and Elder Jorgensen. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

This Saturday is a half hour of Dan Jones, classic soap-box preaching. WOOHOO!

I love all of you, and I know God does to. Keep being faithful and you will see God's hand in your life. Be strong!

"Jesus got your back." -Elder Chia


-Elder Jorgensen


“Oh noes! My desk is out of control again! Aaah!”


“Eeew, soggy cut-up finger... It's looking a lot better now, that's for sure.” *Mom is sparing you the close up. :)

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